Better systems,
Bigger profits.

Better systems bigger profits

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What’s growth costing you?

You want processes and systems that help you operate at maximum efficiency and profitability. The trouble is, the bigger you get, the more complicated it becomes to hold things together.

It’s frustrating. As you succeed,
your work should get easier, not harder.

Whats growth costing you
Take control

Take control.

If you are like most owners, you got into business ownership for financial gain and freedom, so why is it that the more revenue your company earns, the more you feel chained to your desk?

At The Penguin
Group, we get it.

But scaling seamlessly doesn’t have to be so hard. We’ll help you implement the right processes on the right systems so your company keeps growing without you having to hold together all the pieces.

At the penguin group we get it


Here’s how we help:

Know where
you are going:

We begin by conducting an in-depth intake session, meeting with owners, management, and employees to understand your processes and systems. Based on our findings, we compile a detailed report highlighting your current processes, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.

Know how you
will get there:

We offer comprehensive services, including business process analysis, process documentation and systemization, org chart creation, job descriptions and training documents. We then help you automate your processes and workflows and set up your systems such as CRMs, Project Management Tools, and more!

Know who will
get you there:

Our sister company Purple Stairs will facilitate your business growth. We offer employers a database of candidates accessible through a low-cost subscription and no additional fees. You can search through candidates who match your requirements with no middleman. Unlock the potential of your workforce today!

Let’s get started.

We Listen

Schedule a complimentary consultation call today to explore how we can assist and optimize your company’s operations.

We Strategize

We meet with you and your organization to gather information and identify the areas that need improvement and possible solutions.

We Build

We discuss both long and short-term solutions to help you achieve your goals and the implementation process needed to achieve them.

We Implement

We work with your organization to implement the changes identified in the strategy sessions, and we train your team to keep running efficiently.


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